Dataxhub: Socialize Through Knowledge

Jun 25, 2022

Dataxhub is an all-in-one platform, done by Youth, for Youth. It is a knowledge-based social digital platform that fits the expectation of the knowledgeable youth community. By offering the Youth different tools to learn new practical skills that will benefit their careers and providing them with a safe digital space to create any type content (article, video or podcast) to express themselves and share their knowledge through. At Dataxhub, we believe that building cross-national youth networks and peer-to-peer mentoring services for knowledge sharing and skill transfer is the best way to build a consolidated relationship between Youth and a solid future for our society.


The idea behind Dataxhub was born during the Covid crisis in March 2020. Being myself a legal counsel, graduated from Sorbonne University in International Business law and Oxford University in Fintech, the need to draft articles in order to gain more exposure and a reputable image, before the professional world, was primordial. I, therefore decided to create a blog for articles in different law sectors, from LegalTech to Arbitration, dedicated to Youth and done by Youth. 

Being closely observing the market and how Youth in the UAE would react to the lockdown, the blog idea shifted into a real digital platform dedicated to any type of knowledge-based content, into diverse format. 


We are looking to streamline the experience and focus primarily on sharing free knowledge and providing everyone with equal opportunity to learn through socialization. 


From there, gathering my team and a board of Advisors was very important, being surrounded with the right persons is a key role that any startup at an early stage should focus on. If you want to build anything in life, you need to be aware that unless united, you will never succeed alone. 

Moreover, I have the greatest honor to have His Highness Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Al Nuaimi as the Chairman of the Advisory Board. 

Being for years the most inspirational mentor, in my personal and professional life development, having His Highness trust is already a huge achievement. 


The Team and I have also the chance to be supported by incredible advisors, from the DIFC AccelerateHer Program with Ms. Raja Al Mazrouei (which I have been selected as a finalist) to Mr. Kamal Rais our banking & finance senior advisor to Ms. Hanane Benkhallouk our innovation strategist advisor.


Being an Entrepreneur is not something you learn at the university. It requires you to be autonomous, self taught but most importantly to be ready to be a life student by learning from your Peers. I’ve always been influenced by my mother, being herself a serial entrepreneur. I truly believe, the biggest mistake that an Entrepreneur could make, is to think that he/she can handle everything on its own and have the « know-it all » mindset, because it will only lead to failure. 


Dataxhub is launching in the upcoming days, with its phase 1 being : Socialize through Knowledge. The content shared on the platform will be free access to all users. Dataxhub is aligned with the UAE Youth Agenda 2030 and the UN Youth Agenda 2030 to bring Youth with a useful knowledges and practical experience, they can take with them to their professional lives.  


Our vision is that Dataxhub bridges the digital divide so that Youth in developing  regions can access knowledge in a better way. 


In 2021, phase 2 will be launched with Dataxhub Marketplace, stay tuned !








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